Student Services

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Counselors are assigned to teams of students. The counselor is part of the instructional support staff for the students on each team. The primary goal of the student services program is to promote the academic, personal and social growth of all students. The program also provides career exploration opportunities for students. Counselors help build a foundation for learning by assisting students in the development of self awareness and respect, positive relationships with others, and skills to promote positive learning experiences. They meet with students individually or in small groups and present classroom guidance units. A recent classroom unit covered sexual harassment and bullying.

Counselors are available to schedule and facilitate parent conferences with the team of teachers and/or administrators. When requested or indicated, counselors will assist parents in making referrals within the school system or to community agencies. We are fortunate to have the services of a part-time psychologist and social worker.


Mission Statement

The mission of Luther Jackson Middle School Student Services is to support and encourage all students within the school community. School counselors will provide a developmentally appropriate academic, social/emotional and college and career driven curriculum that best prepares students with 21st century skills. In collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders within the school community, school counselors will maximize resources to promote equity and access for all students at Luther Jackson Middle School.


Vision Statement

The vision for Luther Jackson Middle School Student Services is for all students to reach their full developmental potential through access to academics while building the necessary skills and attitude to help them successfully transition to high school.