Advancement Via Individual Determination

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The mission of AVID is to ensure that students in the middle who have the potential to be successful in a college preparatory path will:

  • Succeed in a rigorous course of study
  • Enroll in four-year colleges and universities
  • Enter mainstream activities of the school
  • Become educated and responsible participants and leaders in a democratic society

AVID students visit James Madison UniversityAVID requires that all students enroll in an academic class to provide students with study skills instruction, motivational activities, and career and college exploration. The AVID program uses a curriculum that emphasizes WICOR (writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, reading), collaborative tutorial support and motivational activities to support college and career readiness for all.

AVID students at Luther Jackson will need specific school supplies. A complete list is avialable here.

For more information, please contact LJMS Avid Coordinator Kaya Lazo at [email protected].

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