Testing at LJMS

Testing Coordinator

Students at Luther Jackson are assessed in many areas throughout the year. Please keep these general points in mind when reviewing information about test requirements at specific grade levels:

  • Assessments are part of the teaching and learning process. Teachers give assessments to students on an ongoing basis to check for understanding and to gather information about students' knowledge or skills.
  • Students who are being reviewed for or are enrolled in special services may have further testing expectations as part of these services or may be eligible for alternative or substitute assessments.
  • Students in certain schools may be asked to take part in additional assessments as part of federal, state, or local data collection, such as the National Assessment of Educational Progress Assessment (NAEP). 
  • Parents and guardians should contact their children's schools with any testing questions or for additional information about how schools and teachers use test results to support student success.

Some of the Virginia and Fairfax County assessments that our students take are:

  • Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) - any student who does not have a CogAT score on file
  • Local Alternative Assessments (LAA) - to measure knowledge of grade level Social Studies standards in place of the SOL test
  • Math Inventory - for students below fall benchmark or in a math intervention course
  • Reading Inventory - for students below fall benchmark
  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Screener - to measure development of social-emotional learning, relationships, and well-being
  • Virginia Growth Assessment (VGA) - to measure progress in grade level content standards throughout the year
  • WIDA ACCESS for ELLS - to measure annual English language proficiency and progress for English language learners in compliance with federal law

For more information about these and other assessments, please visit the resources linked below.

SOL Testing Dates and Information 2022-2023

The spring SOL testing calendar can be found below. Details about testing days and minimal changes to the bell schedule will be communicated regularly to students ahead of the testing window. Students will receive information about testing dates, times, and locations to their fcpsschool.net email account. All testing will begin at 7:30 am on the days listed below. It is important that students are in school on-time on these testing days.

  • Science 8

Monday, May 15
  • Reading 7

  • Reading 8
Wednesday, May 17
  • Math 7 and Math 7 HN

  • Pre-Algebra

  • Algebra

  • Geometry

  • Algebra II

Friday, May 19


  • One-to-one testing will take place, as necessary, in empty classrooms, the Library, or Multi-Purpose Room, depending on numbers, May 1-12. Specific assignments will be made once all accommodations are finalized and/or updated.
  • 4th period may be extended during schoolwide testing days.
  • Bell schedule may be modified based on student numbers participating in remediation and retakes.
  • If a student is absent on their testing day, makeup tests can occur throughout the testing window.  
  • Once all tests are complete, there is a retake window for eligible students. Communication with parents of eligible students will happen at a later date. Parent permission is required for a student to retake.
    • Retakes (if eligible): Monday, May 22 - Friday, June 2
  • Local alternative assessments have been approved by the state of Virginia in Grade 7 History, Grade 8 Writing & Grade 8 Civics & Economics. Teachers will be using an alternative assessment in those classes in lieu of an SOL test. Those assessments occur within the classroom setting throughout the second semester.

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