School Improvement & Innovation Plan

School Innovation and Improvement Plan At-A-Glance

  • 2019-2020

  • Luther Jackson Middle School

  • Region 2

  • Michael Magliola, Principal

End of Year SMARTR Outcome 1

In the Spring of 2020, the combined unadjusted pass rate for the VA English SOLs (Reading 7, Reading 8, and Writing 8)  and Math SOLs (Math 7, Math 8, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2) will be 90%.

Strategy 1

  • Reading, writing, & discourse in every class, every day.

    • Planning time in CTs allotted to plan for literacy & use of strategies.

    • Renewed focus on SSR time at the start of each Flex period.

    • Learning Innovation Team provides school-wide PD on strategies.

Strategy 2

  • Explicit, common learning targets connected to content standards.

    • 3 tiered targets, developed collaboratively & displayed daily.

    • Connected to standards and POG & elevated with Bloom’s verb wheel.

    • Common assessments developed & used to inform Tier 2 intervention.

Strategy 3

  • Expansion of the workshop model throughout Math & English departments.

    • Lean on building expertise (Math 7).

    • Regular use in all math classes, experimentation in all English classes.

    • Use of CT planning cycle to develop workshop elements.

End of Year SMARTR Outcome 2

The combined unadjusted pass rates for in both English (Reading 7, Reading 8, and Writing 8) and Math (Math 7, Math 8, Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2) for students receiving special education services will increase to 70%.

Strategy 1

  • Special Education CT at each grade level for planning & collaborating.
    • Sharing tools & strategies to bring back to content CTs.

    • Discussing interventions & scaffolds for students with IEPs (kid talks).

    • Data dialogues from programs utilized in self-contained classes.

Strategy 2

  • Implementation of the workshop model in Math & English Special Ed classes.
    • Planning time allotted in the SpEd CT for planning & learning.

    • Implementation of Tier 2 interventions during Flex time.

    • Strengthening co-teaching to allow for co-facilitation in the workshop.

Strategy 3

  • Use of research-based programs in SPED classes.
    • Use of built in progress monitoring tools to inform Tier 1 & Tier 2 instruction.

Strategy 4

  • Monitoring of IEP Goals.
    • With students in Advisory & with administrators quarterly.


End of Year SMARTR Outcome 3

Through documented positive interaction or communication with at least 70% of Luther Jackson families, we expect to increase family engagement and participation in the Family Engagement Survey conducted in 2020-2021 to 75%, with 90% of participants indicating they feel respected by Jackson MS staff. We further expect these positive relationships to impact school culture and climate by increasing student attendance through a reduction in chronic absenteeism by 10%.

Strategy 1

  • Concerted efforts to initiate & document interactions with LJMS families.
    • ​​​​​​​School-wide system for documenting positive communication/contact.
    • Personal contact by advisory teachers each semester.
    • Training & positive recognition for staff members.

Strategy 2

  • Purposeful parent outreach & community engagement opportunities.
    • PEP, PTA, and Parent Nights to teach families about LJMS initiatives.

    • 2 planned Demonstrations of Knowledge (DOKs).

    • Expand methods, modes of communication.

Strategy 3

  • Encourage participation in the Family Engagement Survey.
    • Personal invitation from Advisory teachers.

    • Strategically planned school events during the survey window.

Strategy 4

  • Attendance plans will be developed with families for students in danger of chronic absenteeism.
    • Communication will be established with families of students who were absent 10% or more days in SY 18-19.

    • Attendance team will develop attendance plans for students with 10% or more days missed in SY 19-20.