Equity in Science, Technology, Engineering, English, & Math

Our Mission

The mission of the ESTEEM Center for Equity in Science, Technology, Engineering, English, & Math is to provide our diverse community of students a safe learning environment that fosters student growth and success coupled with mentoring and a clear, individualized pathway of high-quality STEM instruction and resources to realize their potential and academic goals in STEM K-12 education and beyond.

Our Vision

The ESTEEM Center introduces STEM early in elementary school and provides a pathway of progressive STEM education and extracurricular activities throughout K-12, allowing students to achieve their full potential in their chosen area of study. With vertically integrated articulation of STEM as both a tribe in which students can belong and an educational path to a STEM career through FCPS, the ESTEEM Center provides students who would otherwise not have STEM on their radar a place to be and a strong foundation in advanced STEM instruction to prepare them for multiple STEM high school programs available in FCPS.