After School Program

Sponsored by FCPS and the LJMS community to promote academic, social and physical recreational opportunities

For a complete list of the after school activities offered at Luther Jackson Middle School, along with faculty sponsors, and meeting times and places, please visit the LJMS After Hours site. For more information, please contact After-School Program Specialist Matt Hoffert at 703.204.8218 or [email protected].

Student activities are an integral part of the total middle education program. Fairfax County Public Schools and Luther Jackson Middle School stress the importance of providing a well-balanced activities program to supplement the learning activities in the classroom.

Participation in student activities is truly a learning experience and an enhancement of the regular school day. National studies and research indicate that:

  • Participation in athletics and activities promotes citizenship.
  • Students involved in activities have higher grade point averages than do nonparticipants.
  • Students involved in activities have better attendance records than do nonparticipants.
  • Of all students who drop out of school, 96 percent are NOT involved in school activities.
  • Participation in school activities is one of the most accurate predictors of success after college.

In addition, high-quality after-school programs can directly address the two strongest risk factors impacting children and youth - (1) academic difficulties in school and (2) unsupervised time after school. These risk factors are the strongest predictors of adolescent substance abuse and behavioral issues. The after-school hours (3 to 6 pm) are the prime time for juvenile crime and gang-related crime on school days. After-school programs can protect youth from gang violence, remove some of the pressure to join gangs, and shut off the pipeline that delivers youth into gangs. There is solid research evidence showing that after-school programs reduce youth violence and gang activity, reduce alcohol, tobacco, and drug use, improve academic achievement, and increase school and community connectedness.

Particular program offerings vary by school but all middle school after-school programs offer:

  • academic support and enrichment
  • social skill and youth development, and
  • recreation and intramural opportunities.

To learn more about FCPS student activities, please visit the Fairfax County Public Schools website.