Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Luther Jackson!  The 2017-2018  school year has had a great start with students and families participating in many beginning of the year activities!!

We have really enjoyed getting to know our new families and students and are looking forward to working with you to make sure all of our Luther Jackson Tigers have a successful school year.

This newsletter is our way to collaborate with you as we support your students at Luther Jackson.

-LJ Student Services Department

photo of Student Services staff


We are your Luther Jackson (LJ) counselors. We are so excited to work with you and your student at LJ this year!

Starting from the top left (rotating clockwise)

Mr. Fisher- Seekers & Odyssey

Mrs. White- Titans and Griffins

Mr. Tickle- Phoenix, Galaxy, LJ United 8

Ms. DeVault- Explorers &Innovators

Ms. Shuford- Director of Student Services

Mrs. Ellis- Olympians & Quasars, LJ United 7


photo of a directional signThe mission of the Luther Jackson Middle School Student Services Department is to support and encourage all students through individual and group counseling, as well as schoolwide programming. School counselors will provide developmentally appropriate academic, social/emotional, and college and career driven curriculum that best prepares students to be life-long learners. In collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders within our diverse school community, school counselors will maximize resources to promote equity and access for all students at Luther Jackson Middle School.





logo of TJHSST

Thomas Jefferson Application

application portal for the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology is now open.  Students can begin the application process by visiting the TJHSST Admissions website below.  Please see Mr. Tickle in Student Services if you have questions or need help during the application process.  He can also be reached at 703 204 8124 or at @email.  The TJHSST application deadline is Sept. 29th


FIRST Quarter

This quarter Student Services will:

  • Go into classrooms to introduce ourselves to students
  • Conduct classroom lessons on information about bullying prevention and upstanding
  • Have students complete a needs assessment for feedback on student services programming 
  • Meet with students and teachers regularly
  • Begin S.S. programming
    • Peer mediation
    • Mentor-mentees
    • TJ applications
    •  AVID presentations
  • Prepare resources for students in need.

photo of donuts

Donut celebration for all A’s!


We like to hear from our stakeholders! Each year we host two advisory council meetings. During these meetings counselors present the Student Services programming completed  in the school and get feedback so that we can continue to improve our service to our school community.

Who is on the advisory council?

  • Students
  • Staff
  • School board representatives
  • Parents
  • Community organizations partners

Are you interested in being an advisory representative? Email Ms. Ellis at [email protected]

cartoon of people sitting around a conference table


logo for James Madison University

AVID students who won the recent essay contest will visit James Madison University on Saturday October 14th ---- have a great time!


The mind of a middle schooler:

The middle school mind is full of changes and challenges for our students. Here is some information to help our students increase their productivity in learning:

 The adolescent brain is still developing and therefore requires different brain compatible strategies for learning. Here is some insight to remind you of everything going on in your student’s brain.

graphic describing the mind of a middle schooler

Bullying 101: You can help!

Did you know that in large studies as much as 49% of students in grades 4-12 reported being bullied by other students at least once in the past month?

Here are some ways that parents and counselors can work together to identify if your student may be getting bullied or has something going on at school:

  1. Take notice if they start to act different
  2. If they mention a repeated negative situation stop and listen, then report it to the counselor to make a collaborative plan
  3. Remind them that you believe what they are telling you.


Last year  we hosted an after school viewing of the movie Cyber bully to create a dialogue and  help encourage students to be upstanders, not bystanders.