POG Presentations of Learning @LJMS

January 11, 2023

photo of students sharing learning experiences with peers and teachers

Stacey Jones and the LJMS Drama Department’s Global Classroom Project with students in Ghana is helping students develop Portrait of a Graduate skills.  

Portrait of a Graduate is a set of skills all FCPS students must demonstrate to graduate from high school, including creative and critical thinking, collaboration, ethical and global citizenship, goal-direction and resilience, and communication.

LJMS Students prepared a Presentation of Learning showing growth in these various skills.

Why It Mmatters:

  1. LJMS Students increased their communication & collaboration skills. 
  2. LJMS Students created a digital portfolio proving their growth in these skills.
  3. LJMS Students used higher critical thinking skills by identifying why these skills are important inside and outside the classroom.
  4. LJMS Students gave and received feedback on their presentations from peers & teachers in small group settings. 

What’s Next:

LJMS Drama Department is proud to be one of the first schools in FCPS to incorporate these Portrait of a Graduate Presentations of Learning.  Next year, all departments within LJMS will be doing this.