Yearbooks May Still Be Purchased Online, Photo Submissions Needed

The 2019-2020 edition of the LJMS Yearbook WILL STILL BE PUBLISHED! While we can no longer accept paper checks and forms, we are still taking orders online... so it's not too late to reserve your copy. Since the physical school building is shut down, we are currently exploring "ship to home" options. The school year ended abruptly, so this is a great way to remember all of the good times we had!  Ten years from now, you'll be able to look back and say, "Whoa...I remember what it was like when school was shut down in March and we all had to hang out at home watching Netflix!" Don't wait... reserve your copy now by heading over to the online store.


Speaking of yearbook content...WE NEED YOUR HELP! Now, more than ever, we need you -- students, parents, and faculty-- to help out by uploading pictures that we can use in the yearbook. This year definitely isn't going to finish the way we all expected, so why not document that?  Here are a few ideas:

- Coping Strategies...what are students doing at home, isolation? (ex: TikTok, memes, meditation, yoga videos, video chats, google hangouts, etc...)

- Remote Learning...what does it look like at your house with remote workers (parents) and learners (students) sharing space and bandwidth?

- Candid shots from the school year...if you have any photos from events that happened at LJMS from August 2019-March 2020, please share them!

When you click the link to submit, you will be asked for an "access code"... our code is: tigers

Our yearbook staff will still be working hard to edit, crop, caption, and categorize all of the photos you submit, and we're confident they'll be able to produce a quality product you'll enjoy looking through for years to come... don't miss out!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions:

                                                 Matt Hoffert,

                                                 Pelin Belendir,

                                                 LJMS Yearbook Sponsors