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Here are five reasons you should be playing this 1,500-year-old game of strategy and logic.

  1. Playing chess . . . Improves concentration and memory
  2. Enhances reading and math skills
  3. Chess fosters logic, critical thinking, and creativity. 
  4. Chess encourages and rewards hard work. 
  5. And the fifth and best reason of all to play chess? It’s just plain fun!
Jackson Middle School Students Playing Chess
According to studies done at the University of Memphis, playing chess significantly improves visual memory, attention span, and spatial-reasoning ability.
Jackson Middle School Students Playing Chess
In separate multi-year studies in Texas, Los Angeles, New York, Pennsylvania, and Canada, researchers found that students who played chess showed more improvement in reading and/or math assessment scores than their non-chess-playing peers.

















Jackson Middle School Students Playing Chess
Talk to chess players to learn why they love the game.